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Ruck March

Thank YOU all for the support and encouragement so that the Ruck March from London, On to Hamilton, On gets completed and inspires further growth!

This wouldn't be possible without the family and community we live in.

Some of the success factors in accomplishing this are

  • OPENNESS to the experience

  • RELAXING attitude

  • PHYSICAL preparedness

  • TRUST in the purpose of this mission

  • HUMAN attitude

  • LOVE for your community and your team

  • BELIEF that you can change the world by changing YOURSELF

  • POWER of HEALING through Ruck Marching


Specially GRATEFUL for Marie-Sonya Sowa and her daughter Audrey for making signs, coming out to meet us and cheering Zee Ivankovic along the way!

THANK YOU Steve Churm and Mike for walking along, boosting up the morale and support the cause! Zee sped up his pace with you joining him.

Thank YOU all for your donations at the link below. We are at $6,650$ right now!

Thank you Mladen for being the father who wakes up at any day or night time, drives behind to assure safe walk and provides logistics to the cause.

Thank you Isabella for making 55 kms and 72 000 steps in supporting your brother

Thank you Stacey for 45 kms, 59 000 steps and Marko for your 65 kms and 88 000 steps. Your POSITIVITY and LOVE was(is) infectious.

Your donations are helping changing one life at the time with more than 95% of the money going directly to the cause.

LOVE to ALL from Ivankovic Family!

This one is for you Matt

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