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The taste of LOVE is unforgettable

What I learned about living life, I truly learned through LOVE. This was long before the war even happened. The reason I survived and thrived through the war was that I realized the absence of Love was not an option for me, so I set out to find it again.

The scent of a fresh homemade lunch was the first I sensed upon entering our building after Dad brought us home from our Sunday visits to Mother Nature. My sister and I would race up to our apartment on the fourth floor. Our excited knocking on the door would be cut short by Mom opening.

Her big smile and teasing were a ritual, the prelude to Sunday mealtime.

“Are you both tired enough, so you earned your lunch?”

“Yes,” we replied simultaneously.

“Then go, wash your hands!”

The kitchen table was already set up with the nice tablecloth.

Soup first for all the minerals, then spinach with onions as it contains the most iron, veal schnitzel for the protein and mashed potatoes just because we loved them. Kraut salad in winter as a source of vitamin C and fiber, spring mix and fresh vegetables any other season for the rest of the vitamins and fiber – this was part of the education Mom and Dad brought to the table and “served” us with our meal.

Dad would have a glass of beer that we only remember by its colour as it was not for us to taste. When we asked why he drank it, as it was not good for the body, he would reply that it was very good for his soul.

Stories of the day’s hike, our explorations and adventures accompanied the meal.

Relaxed, energized, and full of positive vibes, our little family of four enjoyed our Sundays and always, always turned that day into a SUN Day!

I learned to give and receive LOVE through a year of Sun Days. They were my ultimate training in living life, receiving Love through setting up the table, preparing meals, spending time in nature, and sharing our emotions openly. This was the best part of my childhood.

When life took a dark turn and the war broke out in my early twenties, I knew how to get it back thanks to my childhood training. Nature visits, cooking and enjoying meals with the family and friends as well as doing absolutely nothing but letting my mind create positive pictures. Sun Days were always the starting points in getting life back on its path.

The taste of love is unforgettable, and Sundays were my roadmaps to find my way back there.

What is your way back to Living Life with LOVE?

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